Jive reference manual
Jive reference manual

This is the main index page of the Jive reference manual.

The Jive library provides a collection of functions and data structures – bundled into classes – for transforming a PDE into a system of equations; for solving such a system of equations; for computing quantities derived from the solution and for graphically displaying them in two or three dimensions.

Jive has been built on top of Jem, a C++ library that provides a portable interface to system-level services. Jem also provides a collection of general-purpose functions and classes, such as multi-dimensional arrays, that greatly simplify program development. Moreover, code that is build with components of Jem can easily be ported to all major operating systems and computer architectures.

Classes and functions in Jem and Jive each live in their own namespace referred to as jem:: and jive::, respectively. Both libraries are further subdivided into packages, where each package bundles a set of Classes and functions that form a logical unit. The name of the package usually serves as a good indication of the purpose of the bundled objects. Also, each package introduces a new namespace with the name of that package. To demonstrate, if name is the name of the package in jem for example, than the full name of the namespace is jem::name.

From here you can go to the documentation of the individual packages of Jem and Jive.

The following packages are available in Jem:

The following packages are available in Jive: